The Psychology in Education Research Lab (PERL) at Iowa State University, under the direction of Dr. Gary  Phye, has been working directly with the Iowa Department of Education and the k-12 public school system of Iowa since 1998. Collaborative activities include research and development of State and local educational -intervention programs and educational policy

PERL is a Research and Development (R&D) lab that is committed to the development of effective educational practices and policies that promote growth in student classroom learning and achievement. This includes the development of data driven practices and policies within the context of the Design- Engineering-Develop (D-E-D) model for identifying best educational practices and innovative educational reform. Current R&D efforts include the Iowa Microsoft Settlement Initiative that began on8/17/09 and continues until 6/30/14. As the result of the settlement with Microsoft, approximately 58.5 million dollars is being distributed to Iowa Public Schools.

The Microsoft initiative includes approximately 1150 Iowa schools and 1,855 educational intervention research projects in the following core curriculum areas: 1) literacy (1293 research projects); 2) Math (405 research projects); 3) 21st Century skills (107 research projects); 4) Science (35 research projects);  and 5) Social Studies (15 research projects).

PERL involvement includes data collection design, progress monitoring and the development of strategies for determining the impact of classroom instruction and learning on growth in students’ achievement during the academic year. At the present time, achievement data is being collected from approximately 325,000 students at: a) the kindergarten – Grade 2 level, b) the elementary grades, c) middle school, and d) high school. Teacher implementation data is also being collected from approximately 18,000 teachers. Eight hundred Principals are also providing observational data. These data are being analyzed and feedback will be provided to individual schools. 

For further information, contact Gary Phye, Ph.D. (515) 294-1962